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Gourmet Goldmine is a proud supporter of a number of charities and fund raising organisations, including Faith Love Hope Sydney

Faith Love Hope Sydney Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Faith Love Hope Foundation is to restore faith and hope by sharing God’s love, by delivering certainty of funding,  and to facilitate education and health care for the children of Myanmar.
One of the founding aims of our foundation is to help the children of Peniel in Myanmar with ownership and sustainability of their own destiny. Video- click here.


                                           Faith Love Hope

Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

                                            Moira Kelly Foundation Image

The Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation builds on Moira’s decades of work caring for sick and needy children and their families. It provides comfort, hope, protection and safety to children and families who need it most.

Moira is renowned for her work bringing to Australia children with serious health problems that local doctors are unable to treat. Her Foundation continues this work by providing support for children and displaced women from overseas and from our own community here in Australia who have not been able to receive help elsewhere. She takes on causes that everybody says no to and she says of her work, “There’s no saying no to hope.”

Ultimately, Moira works to help children and families help themselves, so they can be as fully independent as possible and live full lives in the community.

Moira’s work is funded almost entirely by charitable donations. Her Foundation manages a home in inner suburban Melbourne where the most needy children and families are housed and provided with medical care and support. It is staffed entirely by volunteers.

Gourmet Goldmine was recently fortunate enough to attend an at-home, chef-prepared, taste-bud-tingling feast.  See our blog to read about the magnificant meal cooked by Society Restaurant chef Cary, in support of the One Girl charity.  Don't drool over your lap-top.



As part of our launch we were reviewed in Weekend Notes!!

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