Acetate Plastic Sheet

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Acetate Plastic is a thin non-stick plastic measuring 600mm x 400mm and is used in baking and cooking through its assistance in establishing parameters for setting products. It is also highly prized when making chocolate as it gives a sheen to the surface.

We pack and send the Acetate in a post tube to keep it safe from damage.

Please Note - We have changed brands from the one in the photo and decreased the price (new photo coming soon). This is also known as Acetate Sheet, Acetate Paper, Cooking Grade Acetate Or Food Grade Acetate .

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Acetate plastic can be used in baking, cooking or food preparation in many ways, mainly for the decoration/plating element of the process.  For example, temper chocolate and use Acetate Sheet to create amazing shapes for plating (a tunnel, disc or lace), which according to this temperaholic creates a far superior shine than when the chocolate is set on other surfaces.  A proper chef will use marble board but acetate plastic is more accessible for most!  Steps for this technique are here (using moulds) or elsewhere on the net, or, if you're really courageous (go for it!) in this amazing chocolate coffee cup recipe. Acetate Plastic can also be placed inside your baking tin or food stacker for the easy removal of set desserts; it's one of Christina Tossi's listed essential ingredients in the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook for this reason.  Here's one example of how acetate plastic helps Christina Tossi weave her cake magic