Agar Agar

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Use Agar Agar, a flavourless vegetarian gelling agent used in sweet, Asian and Molecular Gastronomy creations. Unlike gelatine, Agar Agar does not need chilling and will set at room temperature.

Our Agar is in powder form and has increased in size from 25g to 70g.

Size: 70 g
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Although well-known by cooks of Asian cuisine, and those after Agar as a vegetarian gelatine option, Agar Agar is now seen as a powerful force in the brave new world of Molecular Gastronomy!  Read our blog post on Molecular Gastronomy here, or click here for an example of the use of Agar Agar in Molecular Gastronomy's Balsamic Agar Pearls, or a Vanilla Agar Gel Disc