Butcher's Twine

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Butchers twine is a hard-to-find must in the kitchen! Use this thick cotton string to truss meats for roasting. Butchers string is also used to tie fresh herbs or a carrot and celery or two together to simmer in a stock or casserole as a fresh bouquet garni. This is also known as Cooking Twine, Kitchen Twine, Bakers Twine.

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Otherwise known as butchers string or roasting twine, this ball of wonder is considered an under-rated kitchen essential.  Its use in roasted meats is famous; a trussed meat means it cooks more uniformly and holds its shape.  Here's a step-by-step on how to use kitchen twine with your cut of meat, or here for trussing poultry.  Here it is again being useful holding a piece of bacon to its steak in a filet mignon.  There are so many uses, you might ask: How long is this piece of string?