Chestnut puree (unsweetened)

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Canned chestnut puree is here for the holidays! This versatile ingredient is not just for Christmas, although that's when it's most popular with home chefs. This product is our unsweetened variety.

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Chestnut puree - in its unsweetened form - is best known for being a core ingredient in glorious roast stuffings.  Christmas or otherwise, unsweetened chestnut puree recipes abound on the net - like this one.  Or here's one for Chestnut Puree soup. But the less-sweet offspring of the chestnut family is no stranger to desserts; here's some chestnut puree dessert recipes including cupcakes, the Hungarian gesztenyepure dish and a creation known simply as the Maggie Beer chestnut dessert (for which you will need our 72% couverture chocolate).