Coconut Sugar

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Coconut sugar is the sugar produced from the sap of the coconut palm. It is considered a natural sugar substitute and in most cases can be used 1:1 with the sugar listed in your recipe.

This is also known as Coconut Palm Sugar.
Size: 500 g
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As well as being used throughout Asian cooking, the health benefits of coconut sugar as a natural sweetener are becoming well-known in home chef circles.  Coconut sugar is associated with lower GI and less carbohydrates than processed sugar, and is thought to be better for people with diabetes or for those with the paleo eating lifestyle.  More great info on coconut sugar, its nutritional benefits and its use in cooking here or here.  But nutrition aside, for those who just want to use this type of sugar in their cooking; here's some recipes which look amazing!  A beautiful syrupy cake, Pumpkin seed nibblies, ice cream, or hot cross buns!  And recently we substituted coconut sugar in this chocolate biscuit recipe; read about it on our blog here.