Dashi Powder Sticks - 24g

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Dashi powder is a Japanese stock powder made with dried powdered kelp and bonito. Our powdered Dashi comes in small packets of 6 x 4g Sticks. (Most recipes suggest 750ml water for 4g to 8g Dashi powder.)

Ingredients: Dried kelp powder, Dried bonito, Maltose, Salt, Yeast extract & Starch.

*Product of Japan*

This is also known as Japanese Stock, Bonito Stock Powder.
Size: 24 g
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If you want to make your own genuine dashi, this article outlines the various approaches.  You'll likely need some bonito flakes (AKA Katsuobishi) or kombu ... the latter is currently difficult to get in Australia due to importing rules.  For now the easiest way might be to use our instant Dashi stock powder!  Check out this article about the beauty and uses of Hon Dashi, a particular brand of Dashi powder (you can of course just substitute ours).  It is even suggested as a substitute for sprinkled salt for a different flavour! Dashi is well-known in soba noodle recipes (here's one for which you'll also need mirin and shichimi togarashi), but here it is accompanying salmon (you'll need white miso and bonito flakes for this recipe).  Or how about mixing it up a bit, Dashi style?  Here is Dashi performing in molecular gastronomy (Dashi gele - which has got to be jelly - try it with oysters!  You'll need rice wine vinegar and agar agar), and in a vinaigrette to accompany tuna tartare (amongst other items in the 'mine, you'll need yuzu for this one).