Dried Lavender

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Dried Lavender buds to be used decoratively or as a dessert or baking ingredient.

Just imagine what you can create, lavender chocolate bars or vanilla lavender Ice Cream.

This is also known as Dry Lavender Flowers, Dried Lavender Leaves.
Size: 10 g
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This beautiful bag of potent grandma has so many uses!  Savoury in this fish dish, and of course throughout Zumbo.  To make lavender sugar, which you can then use to flavour almost anything, just whiz 3 tsp of lavender flowers in a food processor with 1 cup of white sugar and store airtight (until it's gone!)  

Uses of Dried Lavender Flowers for cooking are growing; luscious lavender and lemon cookies, lavender cupcakes (where the flavour has been diffused into the cupcake batter!), or lemon and lavender pound cake.  If you'd prefer to see your Dried Lavender as a creamier option, there's also Oprah's Lavender Mousse (for which you could use our Dariole Moulds), or this Lavender Chocolate Mousse Pie.  Lavender has also been used to sweeten up duck dishes and scallops (this recipe calls for Preserved Lemons too). Or, for something out of the kitchen, lavender cleaning powder!

Just spotted Dried Lavender hiding in these marshmallows and these lollies.  Thought you should know!