Dried Pink Rose Petals - 20g

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These organic Dried pink rose petals used decoratively or as a dessert ingredient. Think Rose Scented sugar cookies or Turkish Delight.
Size: 20 g
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Dried red rose petals, like their sister Dried Rose Buds and cousin Dried Lavender, are used through dessert kitchens.  Here they are in a beautiful chocolate mousse recipe from Masterchef's Alana Lowes, or in Rose Petal Madeleines (for which you'll also need Rosewater and a Madeleine tray).  There's also rose petals infused within a vanilla cake, or sprinkled atop Feast Magazine's Tamarind Madeleines (here's our link to the Tamarind Paste you'll need), which we loved so much we did a blog about.  A tip for baking with dried rose petals, like in this shortbread: by moistening the petals prior to mixing in batter, browning or discolouration can be avoided. 

We've loved them recently in this praline served with Raspberry & Rosewater mousse in 2014's My Kitchen Rules. 

Other uses for dried rose petals are more preparatory.  Let them help you with DIY Rosewater or Rose Sugar

Or out of the kitchen, dried rose petal confetti is an alternative use for this hard-to-find baking ingredient!