Fenugreek Seeds

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Fenugreek seeds add a mild and aromatic addition to Indian cooking.

This is also known as Whole Fenugreek, Methi Seeds.
Size: 100 g

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Recipes, Links & More...

This site has information about the nutritional qualities of the Fenugreek herb, and click here to read more about Fenugreek's health benefits including a mention of Fenugreek tea!  For Fenugreek Seed recipes, look no further than this curry, which uses the seed like a lentil (and cooks it whole!).  Curry recipes utilising Fenugreek Seeds are endless, such as Southern Indian Lobster Curry or Prawn Okra curry (these also require Tamarind Pulp).  Or there's recipes like this Brinjal Pickle (Eggplant Fenugreek pickle), perhaps Fenugreek's most famous association, for which you'll also need our Brown Mustard Seeds and Tamarind Paste.  Using Fenugreek Seeds for something different, here's Bettaw-an (Egyptian Corn Bread with Fenugreek Seeds), or Spiced Coal-Grilled Spatchcock (for which our other hard-to-finds like Chardonnay Vinegar, Pomegranate Molasses and Ras El Hanout might come in handy).