Molecular Gastronomy Treasure Chest

For the brave home chef, this starter Molecular Gastronomy pack combines all the specialist products necessary to have a go at some of the cookistry elements. Sodium Alginate and Calcium Chloride, with the help of the pipette, will enable creation of "caviar" or "noodles" (which are nothing like their tradition namesakes!) in spherification. Popping Candy is far and away our most popular seller and guaranteed to be a hit (literally!), while the digital scales are a specialist and sought after utensil required for measuring the miniscule amounts needed for this type of fine cooking.

* Digital scales not pictured *

Each of our treasure chests have been selected with care and come packaged in a gift tray with cellophane wrapping (some of the larger items will be packaged separately though).

$64.95 inc GST
Recipes, Links & More...

Check out the 5 Molecular Gastronomy home cook staples, or our blog post (here) for an overview of spherification (including recipe links) and our Molecular Gastronomy range.  For further ideas about spherification click here to see a large apricot "yolk", and here to see the infamous mango caviar.  There's so much you can do with Popping Candy but Heston Blumenthal's Exploding Chocolate Cake is a cracking place to start: see recipe