Pedro Ximenez Vinegar ("PX")

This is a very popular ingredient with chefs; professional, home and celebrity.

Our Capirete Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vinegar (PX) is made with the iconic Pedro Ximenez grapes grown in the Jerez region of Andalucia, Spain.

This white grape varietal has rested on the vine for an extended period to create a much sweeter taste, making PX vinegar a must have condiment for your cooking, especially desserts.

Drizzle over vanilla bean Ice Cream or summer strawberries. It makes the perfect partner for a feta and watermelon salad. This is also known as Px Vinegar, Sherry Vinegar.
Size: 375 g
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Check out this luxe recipe for lobster with pedro ximenez and sherry vinegars. PS. You can buy sherry vinegar from the 'mine as well!