Rose Water - 250mls

Rosewater is made from a distillation of Rose petals. It has a unique floral scent that is known for its use in Turkish delight but it will also delight your other sweet dishes, as well as your curries or rice!

Rose water can be used not only culinary creations but also for medicial, beauty and aromatherputic uses.

Size: 250 ml
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We all know Rosewater's magic in Turkish Delight, but its fragrant touch is becoming familiar to use across many more dishes, such as this authentic pistachio Arabian dessert. We first discovered the magic of rosewater via La Nigella.  Here is the easy-as recipe for Turkish Delight Syllabub you may remember from the early days of Nigella Bites.  Rosewater also surfed the cupcake craze of the last few years. Cookbooks, tv shows and the intenet are full to the brim with georgeous pink cupcake treats imbued with heady rosewater. Drool over these fabulous photos on the Kailley's Kitchen site, then don your frilly apron, buy our rosewater and make a batch!