Soy Lecithin "Lecithin Powder" - 1.3kg

Soy Lecithin - or Lecithin Powder - is a powdered form of lecithin, itself a liquid extracted from soy beans. It has health properties but we love it because Heston does; it helps hold ingredients together in your baking.

This is also known as Lecithin Powder.
Size: 1 kg
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Moelcular Gastronomy is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you're interested in trying this new brew there's heaps of information about it to be found, like an introduction to useful ingredients for your MG pantry.  Lecithin is associated with the fancy and flavourful 'foam', 'air' or 'wind' accompanying the meal.  Check out this recipe from using Soy Lecithin for Chocolate Wind, or this one from Mirauncut for Pink Lemonade Foam Air.  Or, read more about Lecithin and our Molecular Gastronomy range here and find a recipe for "carrot air" (you read that correctly), go here.