Squid Ink

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Squid Ink - or Cuttlefish Ink - will glamourise your dish! The natural black pigment provides that striking colour to your pasta or risotto, or adds the sweetness of the sea when combined with your pasta sauce or homemade broth. Ours is La Riunone, direct from Italy, and comes in 2x 4g sachets per box.

* We have had to change suppliers and the price has subsequently increased slightly.

This is also known as Cuttlefish Ink, Nero Di Seppia.
Size: 8 g

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Masterchef fans from 2012 will remember squid ink used in this unforgettable dish, and this finale ensemble piece. Check out the photos and see how the glossy, rich squid ink is used with an oozy flourish.  We've also spotted this dark horse in Gourmet Traveller's scrambled eggs, Paella from Rockpool (you'll need to get yourself some paella rice), and classic Nigella Squink Risotto! Here's squid ink pasta made to look easy if you're feeling up for the squinky dink challenge!