Tamarind Pulp

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Tamarind comes from the pods of a tropical tree, and the sweet and sour pulp is used throughout Asian cooking. Buy Tamarind Pulp, a popular item in our Asian spice and seasoning range,from Gourmet Goldmine. This Tamarind Pulp is in block form; use it by mixing a piece in hot water and pushing through a sieve to extract the pulp.
Size: 300 g

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Tamarind pulp is a staple of Thai cooking and is essential for Pad Thai.  See thekitchn.com for fanstastic step-by-step instructions on how to use tamarind pulp.  Then use this fabulous recipe for spicy Gai Yang from Gourmet Traveller.  This article points out the main difference between Tamarind Pulp and Paste - it's similar to crushing your own garlic cloves or spooning some pre-crushed stuff out of a jar.  (Convenience v flavour.)